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NBC Universal Pictures' Writers Fellowship
(released 8/30/2013)

NBC Universal Pictures' Emerging Writers Fellowship is setting out to find passionate storytelling voices with a unique talent. The potential to thrive is a quality the fellowship is trying to identify and thus, give an opportunity to a candidate who otherwise, might not have the access and visibility within the industry.

Universal Pictures is accepting submission applications beginning midnight of September 3, 2013. The application window will be open for 30 days or until the first 500 applications are received.

Those who submit must provide an original screenplay along with background materials to be considered. Attention to submission details should be noted as there are several materials that need to be prepared and completed prior to the application window opening.

Universal Pictures intends to choose up to five fellows to participate in the program. Fellows will have access to current Universal Pictures' projects, the ability to pitch original story ideas, meetings with executives and literary agents, participation in workshops, and receive mentoring. Fellows will be hired under a writing service agreement and must commit to one year of full-time work.

For complete eligibility requirements, submission guidelines and application information, go to:

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